Balance of intestinal flora suitable for the whole family.
The intestinal bacterial flora can be compromised in periods of high stress, during a diet or drug therapies.
Alguten has proven effective thanks to its multiple direct and indirect effects on the brain-gut-microbiota nervous axis to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora.
Suitable for the whole family, Alguten associated with the physiological function of the immune system, with the reduction of the degree of stress and helps to reduce the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue.

Discover the powerful folic acid in active form, in the exclusive formula of Alguten in capsules.
Quatrefolic® represents the fourth generation of Folic Acid: The only one in active form.
Folic acid is essential in ensuring adequate efficacy of the active ingredients present in Alguten and promoting the endogenous production of Melatonin, an important neuro-hormone present in intestinal chromaffin cells.
The active form, unlike previous generations, does not present any risk of overloading the body with unprocessed folic acid because it does not need to be metabolized.