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B2B Trading & Counseling Food & Feed. TCL-International stands for Trade, Counseling & Life-Improving Products. Our company offers sustainable nutrition products to companies worldwide, as well as associated logistical and legal services. The product range of TCL-International comprises of well-balanced food supplements, superior mineral water and pharmaceutical products for people, as well as a choice of beneficial feed products for aquaculture and livestock. Our corporate governance strategy is aimed at contributing to a sustainable environment. Apart from offering premium quality goods at a fair price, we also provide legal counseling and we supply expert logistical services. We work together with outstanding industry professionals in the European and Asian business communities, especially in China. Our highly qualified experts have a broad understanding of the many legal and cultural boundaries that may impede international trade. Our experience in the field of trade, counseling and logistics makes us a reliable business partner. We take pride in enabling our customers to make swift and well-informed decisions. Our hands-on approach helps companies worldwide to improve their business results.

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